Watercolor Paintings by Shaun Duke


Watercolor Paintings

Shaun Duke is an artist, who currently lives and works in Sheffield. His main technique is watercolor painting and he does it in a wonderful way. Moreover, Duke portrays people and tries to depict the uniqueness of each model.


Through careful observation and decisive mark-making, I depict the psychological essence of my sitters, recording shared moments of intimate personality and celebrating the individual above all else.” Shaun explains. “[I] want to record instances in time between people and believes that only through documenting these small moments can we reveal a truthful view of contemporary culture“.


Shaun Duke

Duke holds a BA in Interactive Arts from Manchester School of Art. His work has been exhibited throughout United Kingdom. In addition, several work of Shaun is in private collections in the UK, Europe, and USA. In this article the whole work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.