Lexicon Love, a Collage Artist who focuses on Photography


Collage Artist Lexicon Love

Under the name Lexicon Love, Harriet Moutsopoulos creates unique collages. Moutsopoulos is a collage artist who focuses on the photography segment. She lives and works in Sydney, the place she was originally born. “I simply love the idea of being able to renegotiate and manipulate the origins of an image through the medium of collage art” she explains. At first, Harriet uses authentic images to create a new viewpoint. Most of the times, she adds external objects to the original image. Likewise, there are several instances where she uses food in her compositions.


Lexicon Love’s Process

My process begins by finding the trigger for each piece.” Harriet explains. “This is usually a single image that really catches my eye, grabs me by the throat, and triggers the all-important starting point“. Moreover, as a collage artist Moutsopoulos remixes the old with the new to create a new truth. “I organise and reorganise until it feels right.” she said some time ago. In this article parts form her entire portfolio is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.