The Benefits of Using Renewable Energy to Power Your Home

Is it worth using renewable energy?

Fossil fuels have been the driving force of modernization in the past. For centuries, the world has been using them and other non-renewable energy sources. Being accustomed to this practice makes it discomfiting to make a drastic change.

However, recent environmental changes have forced nations to reassess their use of resources. Even manufacturing industries are starting to make the switch. Businesses using eco-friendly solutions appear to be more trustworthy to consumers.

In residential homes, the opportunities to go green have increased in recent years. The solar industry generated $18.7 billion in investments. It’s why the cost of having residential solar panels has become more affordable.

There are many ways renewable energy can benefit you by joining the bandwagon. Here are seven advantages of choosing a renewable resource to power your home:

1. Unlimited Supply of Energy

What is renewable energy? In simple terms, it’s an energy source that’s unlimited.

Sunny skies, heat from the earth, and strong winds are inexhaustible. Solar panels, geothermal plants, and wind turbines capture these renewable power sources. They help convert these natural resources to electric energy.

People can’t replenish sources like fossil fuels and nuclear energy once depleted.

Today, there is still a significant demand for electric power. However, the availability of oil from fossil fuels is fast declining. Due to this, rolling blackouts start happening more often.

Relying on these limited energy sources can hurt a nation’s progress. It can even affect the day-to-day life of every citizen.

Technological advances create more appliances and gadgets that make use of electricity. Even an eco-friendly approach to using electric motor vehicles increases demands for electricity. It’s unmistakable that renewable energy is the right path to take to meet daily power needs.

2. Increased Home Value

A renewable energy source can be an excellent way to power your home. It will also result in a significant increase in the house’s value.

Wind turbines and solar panels are the most common types of renewable resources for home use. However, the latter is fast becoming the popular choice these days.

If you’re planning to sell your property in the future, going solar is always a good investment.

Rooftops lined with solar panels make a home more appealing, not by design but by purpose. It’s more cost-effective for a house to produce its own electricity. If you decide to sell it, buyers can consider buying your home for this factor alone.

3. Lower Reliance on External Energy Sources

Will you still need to rely on external power companies if you have your own power source? The answer to this question is a resounding “no.”

Your home even becomes less dependent on some economic changes. Price hikes on energy cost no longer affect you. Rolling blackouts become a thing of the past, too.

You can enjoy a comfortable stay in your home even during the hot summer months. This is the time energy companies usually schedule blackouts in the city.

Some power companies use geothermal energy, another type of renewable resource. It can also be a great option to subscribe to one of them.

However, you’re still at their mercy because they still have control over your power. They can turn your electricity off now and then. It’s inevitable for them to distribute their limited supply to all their customers.

4. Maintenance Requirements are Lower

There are many misconceptions about renewable sources equipment. One of them is that they’re hard to maintain.

However, this is a myth. Technologies that use sunlight and wind need little to no maintenance.

Natural resources are consistent in providing power. Thus, these machines don’t need a lot of moving parts to generate energy.

Solar panels are the most popular technology these days. They are the better choice in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Once installed, the panels do not need any extra work to keep them running.

5. Modular and Flexible Installations

In larger installations, there’s more preference for renewable energy technologies. Since their setup is modular and distributed, they’re spread out over large areas. It prevents region-wide blackout if one system goes down due to severe weather.

Smaller installations inherit the same modular and flexible benefits. Solar panels installed on rooftops are adaptable too. A single panel failure will not cause too big of a disruption.

The rest of the equipment will continue to work and provide your home with electricity. The modular design allows you to add new panels without rebuilding the entire system.

An increasing number of residents are switching to solar panels these days. Renewable energy companies such as Blue Raven Solar are in high demand.

6. Saves a Lot of Money

Solar panels are the most common renewable energy resource for residential sectors. The cost of equipment and installation is easy to offset by the amount of money you save monthly. Once installed, you won’t be paying electric bills anymore.

The convenience extends beyond money, though. You’re now generating your own electricity. This means you can use your appliances without having to worry about the next monthly bill.

You can keep your air conditioning turned on during summer and your heater in wintertime.

7. Take Advantage of Government Incentives

The federal government also offers incentives to U.S. residents. This applies to those who decide to join the campaign of saving the environment, though.

Depending on local state laws, you can claim up to 26% tax credit for your solar panel installations. Several states also have their own property tax exemptions.

For example, solar panels on your roof can add $20,000 to the value of your property. If your state’s property tax is 1.5%, you would have to add $300 for your property tax each year. However, you won’t have to pay for that extra $300 every year with a tax exemption.

Start Using Renewable Energy for Your Home

Using renewable energy for residential will continue to diversify in time. Today, installing solar panels is your best option.

One of the benefits includes property tax exemptions. You can increase your property’s value without having to pay more taxes.

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