4 Interior Design Trends Worth Trying This Year

Because you spend so much time in your home, it’s only natural to want to create the kind of space that is comfortable, welcoming, functional, and yet stylish all at the same time. And while that doesn’t mean you need to change up the décor and design yearly, it can be helpful to stay on top of current trends so you can add small elements on a regular basis. Then again, maybe you’re itching for a total overhaul and are ready to completely redesign your entire home. Either way, we’ve got you covered with four interior design trends that are worth trying this year.

Warm Colors are Trending

While there isn’t one specific color that is proving to be a must-have for 2021, what is on trend is warm colors in general. Warm colors can do wonders in the home as they make the space feel inviting and cozy. This color palette can be carried throughout the entire home through wall colors, décor, artwork, flooring, linens, and window coverings.

Beach Vibes – Your Own Ocean Getaway

It could be the fact that people haven’t been able to travel freely in close to a year that is driving this trend, or that it’s just a beautiful color palette to work with, but ‘beach getaways’ and ocean hues are proving big for 2021. This encompasses everything from the actual color palette, to the materials used, the furniture pieces and design, and even the layout.

Because this isn’t as easy as adding one or two pieces to a room, you may actually want to work with an interior designer that can put together a complete and cohesive concept for the space. Companies such nativainteriors.com are great to check out for ideas and inspiration.

Bringing Out the Rustic Charm

Any time you can bring out the rustic charm in your home will also be considered trendy this year. Think paneled walls, the original floorboards (distressed and worn looking), exposed wood beams, and a variety of prints, textiles, and materials all thrown together in what appears to be a casual manner.

In order to pull this trend off in a seamless manner you can choose a color palette to act as the anchor and then base all your design choices around it.

Indoor Plants are Popping Up Everywhere

Here’s a trend that can easily be incorporated into any existing design if you’re just looking for a simple update. Indoor plants are all the rage in 2021 as they add back that sense of nature, brighten the room, are excellent for the air quality, and can help to improve your mood.

Just be sure that the plants you purchase are indeed indoor plants, and that they will work in the light conditions of your home.

This is just a very small look at the many interior design trends that are proving to be hot for 2021, giving homeowners lots of different directions they can take. So, whether you want to add small updates, or do a massive overhaul, you’ll be able to create a stylish design.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]