Four Women, a Painting Series by Catherine Repko


Four Women Series

Catherine Repko is an English artists who focuses on painting. Currently, she develops a new series called Four Women based on the relationships between herself and her three sisters. “I’m interested in the space between us, our relationship growing up together and what connects us as now as adults” Repko explains. “Though a sisterhood is the root of my current work, I am thinking also about being daughters, about motherhood, our humanity […]“.


She started the series in 2019 and still develops it. Another key point is her growing up abroad. This fact crafted herself as well as touched the connection to others. “My sisters and I grew up moving around Europe with my parents and we had some amazing formative childhood years that still inspire me massively. I’m hugely nostalgic […]” she expressed in a recent interview.


Catherine Repko

Catherine Repko lives and works in London. She holds both a BA and an MA from University of Brighton and Royal College of Art respectively. “I think the best thing I’ve done so far is deciding to do a masters in painting. It was really scary as it’s a big risk financially, but in my case, I can see it was a really important step for me to take. And therefore just commitment is the best piece of advise any of us can take!” she explains and everyone who has pursued a masters degree have similar experiences.


Her influence comes mainly from people. More specifically, people in her life – family and friends – as well as studio mates as they drive each other and push each other and really support each other. Due to the current situation – Covid 19 – she bought oil pastels and tries to create studies of potential bigger paintings. In this article pieces from an ongoing series Four Women are presented. The result is impassive. Enjoy.





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