Staying Stylish This Spring: Fashion Trends for Men

Although there might still be some chilly and gloomy weather lingering in the last weeks of winter, there certainly have been signs that the seasons are changing, and everyone looks forward to those longer days and warmer temperatures. It’s time to start shedding the layers of jumpers, coats, scarves, and cardigans and start embracing lighter materials. If you’re a man wanting to update your wardrobe to get ready for the spring/summer seasons, here are a few fashion trends for men you might want to explore.


Although you might not need a thick winter coat anymore, for cooler spring days and summer nights, having a light jacket to throw on is always handy. Some of the most popular looks this year appear to be safari jackets that have plenty of pockets to keep your wallet, smartphone, sunglasses, or anything else neatly stored away. This practical and stylish jacket is growing ever popular this season.

If that isn’t quite your taste, bomber jackets are making a comeback and this classic vintage style can make anyone look effortlessly cool. Trench coats are also looking to be popular choices if you prefer a smart-casual look. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wear a jacket or coat, but still want to keep yourself slightly warmer, gilets are a great option. You can find smart and stylish Darzi clothing designs to help complete your spring/summer look.


A good suit always makes a gentleman look suave as hell, so having one or two in your closet to wear on special occasions is a must. However, you can incorporate these tailored looks into your everyday dressing to make you look dapper all the time. Styles to watch out for this spring/summer season are oversized 80s suits. The jackets in particular can work well with a more casual outfit that you want to make stand out. Darker tailoring is also popping up a lot lately, with some people likening it to the style of Gomez from the Addams Family. Nonetheless, this trend is perfect for those who like sophisticated dressing with a broody, mysterious feel.

70s Vibes

While oversized 80s suits are appealing to more people, the 70s vibes are still going strong and can be found in a lot of popular brands this season. Flares, aviator shades, paisley shirts, and corduroy pants are still doing the rounds, so if you’re not quite ready to give up this trend just yet, don’t worry—you don’t have to! A laid-back 70s look could work wonders in the summer sun.

Nautical Theme

Hanging out by the beach this summer? Or are you lucky enough to be going sailing on a yacht? Either way, nautical-themed clothing is looking like another popular trend this summer, which is kind of perfect for those looking for a coastal retreat as their vacation. Think classic blue-and-white striped t-shirts, navy jumpers and cardigans, white jeans, and boat shoes for a bright and breezy summer style.

If you want to update your wardrobe to get ready for the spring/summer season, these are a few trends you might want to look out for.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]