5 Signs You’re Ready to Move Home

If you have enjoyed many happy years in your home, you might be unsure whether you’re ready to leave it behind. Despite it being filled with many wonderful memories, it might no longer match your needs of lifestyle.

If you are unsure whether to remain in the property or start a new life elsewhere, here are five signs you are ready to move home.

1. Your Home is Too Small

Moving into a small home might have helped you take your first step on the property ladder; however, it may not match your lifestyle anymore. For instance, if you have expanded your family in recent years, you might now be struggling for space.

Rather than tripping over toys or squeezing past a loved one in the hallway, consider moving to a bigger home that complements your family.

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2. You Want a Better Quality of Life

While you might love your home, it might be in a less than desirable neighbourhood. If you are enduring long commutes to work, struggling with nosey neighbours, or would love to live closer to good schools, beautiful parks or entertainment venues, it might be time to put your property back on the market. With a little research and patience, you could find a property you adore as much as your current home.

3. You Have Too Much Space

A big home might have served your family well when your children were young; however, it might feel empty and too spacious now your kids have flown the nest.

If you feel as if you are rattling around rooms that are too big for your needs, consider downsizing to a smaller property that matches your lifestyle. It could minimize your monthly outgoings, and it will allow you to embrace a cosier environment that is easier to manage.

4. You Don’t See a Future at the Property

Your home might tick every box on your wish list. Yet, you might be unable to imagine a future at the property, which proves it is not your dream house.

If you don’t feel settled in the property or don’t want to grow old there, you might need to browse the market for a house that makes you feel excited for the next stage in your life.

5. Your Property Doesn’t Match Your Dreams

If you have always dreamed of a big kitchen or a stylish outhouse to accommodate guests, you might need to move properties to make your dream a reality.

If you can’t secure planning permission to extend your home, or your garden is too small to match your vision, put your property back on the market. You could then invest in a home that meets your needs to a tee.