3 Fashion Trends for Plus Size Ladies to Watch Out for in Spring 2021

Heading into spring 2021 doesn’t have quite the same flair this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your closet can’t. There’s no better time to feel great about yourself than spring, so hop into a new style this year!

The fashion world continues to tick over, and new trends are emerging fast, so keep up to date with our three handy craze-coordinators below.

Number 1

The trend: Leather

Look out for leather this spring: classic, elegant, and climate-appropriate, leather has plenty of great qualities, and you can find jackets, jeans, and more – and in brighter, quirkier colors too. To get the lowdown on ideal leather-weather, take a look here.

How to wear it well:

Joked about in popular culture as magic material when it comes to attraction, leather jackets need one simple ingredient: confidence. It’s much the same across the range of leather garments; there are few items that you can throw on for that kind of confidence.

Unlike the rule of don’t-double-denim, there’s no such rule as don’t over-leather in one outfit. Mix up materials to make the leather garment stand out or create an entire leather outfit, consistent in color. Leather ankle boots make a great addition to any outfit if you want to add a splash of this trend but aren’t ready to take the plunge on the leather-look quite yet!

Number 2

The trend: Shirt Dress

Who doesn’t feel great in a guy’s shirt? Thankfully, the shirt dress has arrived to make sure you never have to borrow his again! They are cut at a flattering length and hugely variable in shape and design.

How to wear it well:

Add a belt of your choosing at your waist to sculpt the outfit around your unique shape and show off your curves. A common mistake is to buy a smaller size and hope it has a slimming effect. To get flatteringly fitted clothing, made for and styled to complement curvier shapes, visit Froxx.co.uk.

Knee-length boots with a low heel will make your shirt dress complete and tie together the outfit beautifully. Pair with flats for a casual morning coffee date or loafers and a pair of glasses for the scholarly look.

Number 3

The trend: Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are winning this spring with sleeves optional and the emphasis placed on the waist. These beautiful yet simplistic pieces are popping up everywhere in 2021 fashion and shouldn’t be reserved just for spring!

How to wear it well:

Bright colors are encouraged, and an A-symmetrical hem balances shape, too, for an effortlessly stunning outfit. Wear all year round with the right accessories and shoe choices. For a slimmer and more professional look, use slim heels with a platform and rounded toe.

The only accessory you truly need with a wrap dress is a smile! However, simple additions can be made to complement but not outshine the dress.

To sum up…

Spring 2021 looks like a great opportunity to showcase your fun and brave eye for design by experimenting with new patterns and materials! Don’t be afraid to try something completely new and start every day in the right outfit!