5 Smaller DIY Projects to Complete on Your Time Off

When you’re fortunate enough to have some extra free time, then diving into DIY projects is worthwhile. Where the stop/start nature of most projects usually means these tasks end up requiring more time than is available, that’s no longer an issue. To take advantage of the situation, here are 5 ideas for small DIY projects to get done.

1. Paint a Wall

There is probably more than one interior wall that’s long overdue for a coat or two of paint. Whether you’ve always been dissatisfied with a former resident’s colour choice or you’re in the mood for a complete change, then it’s a good time of year to do something about it.

Unlike painting the outside of the home which will struggle to dry with the cold temperatures, the indoor heating prevents this from being much of a problem in the winter. When you’re also wanting something fresh and inspiring to alter your outlook, then this will certainly do it. Be sure to get enough paint, rollers, and coverings for the furniture and flooring, so you can get started right away.

2. Upgrade the Lighting

Upgrading the lighting is not as difficult as it sounds. It doesn’t usually involve changing the internal wiring which would necessitate an electrician being booked.

Directional lighting that spreads brightness all across the room is preferred for large spaces. Something a little more intimate with new lighting and better lamps is possible for smaller rooms. To get an idea about lighting fixtures and changes to make, take a look at this site: powerpointelectrics.co.uk.

3. Replace the Taps

The taps in the bathroom might be showing their age. Rather than setting about replacing the bathroom sink and other fixtures present, how about just the hot and cold water taps instead? You’ll want to keep pretty much with the original design and colour scheme of the sink, but because most are fairly plain, that shouldn’t be too much trouble. Also, if there are other bathroom DIY projects to fix up, then take the opportunity to do those while you’re there.

4. Add Interior Trim

For a touch of class and some added dimension inside certain rooms, why not consider installing a wooden trim around the walls? A trim may be different thicknesses depending on the suitability of the space. It shouldn’t be overwhelming though. Also, think about the type of wood and colouration too. It can either fit in with the existing furniture or stand apart from it. Consider your options carefully being proceeding.

5. Replace the Door Handles

The door handles become worn and shabbier looking over time. They aren’t something that a lick of paint or polish will resolve forever either. At a certain point, you’d just be better off with a new set of matching door handles in every room. It can be tricky to find a style that will be right for the décor in all living spaces, so choose well to avoid disappointment.

As long as the DIY projects are on a smaller scale, they can all be completed within a matter of a few days. This is preferable over starting a large project and running out of time midway through it to the consternation of everyone in the household.