Human Stories, Portraits by Christian Hiadzi


Christian Hiadzi

Christian Hiadzi, artist/architect living and working in London. His main techniques are acrylic on canvas and paper. Not to mention, he holds both a bachelors and masters degrees in Architecture. Although an architect, art has a significant part of his life. He started painting at eight and never stopped since then. “At the core of my practice is the passion and drive to create an idea that in itself, becomes a catalyst to challenge and enhance the viewer’s imagination.” and this is evident.


Human Stories

My current body of work entitled Human stories, evolves around the human form, working between the figurative and the abstract form.” Christian explains. Currently, he focusses in portraits though he explores other possibilities as well. As far as his work is concerned, Christian tries to outline the subject each time, nonetheless feelings that needs to be outlined our of prominent importance.


My current project Human Stories is pretty broad and can incorporate other styles of painting alongside my abstract and figurative portraiture.” he explained in a recent interview. “I shall attempt to further explore this field and also work on larger surfaces, producing compositional works“. The result is impressive. Enjoy.