4 Disadvantages of Having a Blocked Toilet in the Household

A toilet is a crucial object in the bathroom and an integral component in any household. A toilet is used for proper sanitation because it provides safe disposal of human wastes. Because of this, a toilet provides a healthy living environment for the inhabitants of a particular household and provides overall great sanitation.

Because of its importance, a toilet should be properly maintained at all times. If a toilet ceases to work, numerous problems may arise that can negatively affect different aspects of a home and increase the risk of inhabitants suffering from health conditions. Here are the # disadvantages of having a blocked toilet in the household.

Ineffective and Inefficient Drainage

One of the most obvious effects and the most annoying ones of having blocked toilets is the slow drainage it produces. When your toilet is blocked, water has a hard time passing through your drainage pipes, which leads to a slower than usual draining process. This ultimately leads to time-wastage and the need for a greater amount of water for flushing purposes.

If the blockage is severe, it could even cause water to flow back up, leading to a dirty or messy bathroom floor. When you experience a toilet block, you should not try doing DIY repairs because these can aggravate the problem if you don’t have the technical skills. You would be better off by hiring professionals to do the job for you.

Weakens the Structure of Water Systems

Another disadvantage of a blocked toilet is that it can compromise the structure of your water systems, and this can lead to profound damages. According to an article by Claims Journal, weakened water system structures can lead to water wastage because water is no longer channelled to the proper places.

Water can become stagnant inside pipes, which increases the pressure that can eventually lead to pipes bursting. Also, wastewater can find its way through different areas in the household, such as walls, floors, or the ceiling.

Blocked toilets can affect the structural integrity of your home that may need expensive repairs or renovation. This is why you must immediately call a professional to fix your blocked drainage or toilet.

Unpleasant Odour in the Household

When a toilet is blocked, water does not flow freely, and it ends up accumulating inside the water pipes. In time, stagnant water emits unpleasant odours that can negatively affect inhabitants. Blocked toilets can make your household inhabitable because you will find it difficult to stay in the home due to the foul smell that your drainage produces.

Also, having an unpleasant odour in the home is quite embarrassing when visitors—such as friends or family—visit you. Once you experience having blocked toilets, the next step is to contact a professional to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Increased Risk of Developing Health Disorders

Blocked toilets are a hotbed for the proliferation of different harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. These microorganisms can increase the risk of inhabitants of the household to develop allergies or diseases. This is because harmful microorganisms can diffuse in your water system as well as the air around your home.

Individuals in the home may suffer from asthma attacks, symptoms of infection, and skin diseases, to name a few.


If you have care for your loved ones and your household, you should not delay the necessary repairs of your blocked toilets or drainages. Check out a reputable service company that provides quality repairs or renovations of water systems, and have your toilet run effectively and efficiently.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]