Setting Up a Car Repair Shop: A Guide

The world of mechanics and vehicles is one that many people find themselves particularly adept at and comfortable in. For such people, setting up a car repair shop should be a no-brainer: it’s good money, you’re working with the machines that you love, and it’s relatively easy to make a good business out of your skills with cars. This article is about how you can leap from being a mechanic to owning your own repair shop – finally making money for yourself.


If you’re making a company out of your skills, you should consider registering your firm. This will mean that you have to jump through a few hoops, but it’s a smart idea for any business that’s more than a one-man show. It’s also important for tax and accounting reasons that you register your business and declare your activity.

Your Shop

Where do you think you should invest in your car repair shop? Should it be in the centre of your town, or on the outskirts? Will you be needing lots of room, or will you be okay with a smaller shop that can cater towards just a couple of cars? You need to make these decisions in order to eventually buy or rent the property from which you’re going to build your business.


As well as registering your business – and finding a site for your car repair shop – you should also be sure to a get an insurance policy that’ll cover you for any eventuality you might have while working on cars in your shop. This could range from damage to a car you’re working on – all the way through to injury to your workers or to others in your shop. Look to Tradex motor trade insurance to get protected before an accident in your shop occurs.


It’s easy to find customers when you’re a car repair shop: it’s as simple as getting your name out there and waiting for the cars to come rolling in. The most important tip where self-marketing your firm is concerned is to get your firm listed. This means getting a place on Google Maps, and having a listing on all local directory websites. In that way, you’ll be able to build out from local customers to those who are passing through your town and looking for mechanical service on their vehicle.


You’ll know that the more cash you earn fixing cars, the better machines you’ll be able to buy to help you set up a more complete studio of car maintenance and repairs. As such, you should always be looking to invest your earnings back into your business. As your car repair shop grows and becomes more specialised, you’ll be able to step back and admire your work and your workers as they perform the repair jobs for you, with smart tools and machines that you’ve invested in. This will feel like the completion of your journey to becoming a business owner.

These five tips will help inspire and motivate you to create and maintain your own wonderful car repair business in the near future.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]