How to Look Great in Front of the Camera Lens

If you are usually behind the camera as the photographer or do not normally pose for photos, then you know the discomfort of having the lens pointed at you. Perhaps you are uncomfortable as you do not like how your image has looked before in photographs. If so, feel more confident by following these tips to look better in front of the camera.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

When you’re having your photo taken, wear an outfit that is suitable for the occasion. For example, if it is a picture that will go on your business website, wear proper attire. The professional business attire will create a better first impression for your potential clients than jeans and a t-shirt.

Use Attractive Lighting

Have you ever seen a pic of someone but barely been able to see their expression because it is too light or too dark? If so, then the lighting of the background is likely wrong. If it is office lighting, try to stand a bit away from the light rather than directly beneath it to avoid dark circles under the eyes. Another great option is to use halo ring lights that provide beautiful backlighting.

Wear Makeup that Looks Natural

The best way to feel genuine in front of the camera is to wear makeup that is like what you would wear in your day-to-day life. If you normally wear very little, then that will be best for on-camera. Otherwise, you will likely feel uncomfortable, and that will show through in the photoshoot. Get quality makeup and cosmetics at and feel great about your polished yet natural appearance.

Look at Past Photos of Yourself

By analyzing what you like (and dislike) about photographs of yourself in the past, you can start to determine what is your best angle and poses that suit your body type. Also, look at your hairstyle, whether you are smiling or not, and other details. Combine the qualities you enjoy the most about the snapshots and recreate them the next time around.


As with most things, practice is helpful! People who look stiff in photos or do not like the way they look in snapshots are likely those who do not get in front of the lens very often. If that sounds familiar, take the time to practice having your picture taken, whether it’s selfies or another person as the photographer. Over time, you will become more comfortable and get to know how to angle your body to help you look the best.

Choose a Light Backdrop

If you can choose the backdrop, then look for one that is as light as possible. It can even be white. The result will be that your face appears brighter than it would with a dark color behind you.

A Few Last Words

Looking amazing in front of photos happens naturally for some people, but not for everyone. If you want to look radiant in front of the lens, then try the above tips to get you ready.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]