Ballerine de l’air, Aerial Photography by Award-Winning Photographer Brad Walls

ballerine de l'air brad walls

Aerial Photography and Ballet

After the series ‘pools from above‘, Brad Walls just released a new one, Ballerine de l’air. Using aerial photography techniques Walls captures the dancers in a non conventional way. “Most people had seen Ballet photographed traditionally… and while those photos are undeniably beautiful, I wanted to rewrite the composition, purely focusing on the unique shapes and shadows of the art form“.

It was imperative to pay homage to the art of Ballet, whilst at the same time adding a new, modern spin which incorporated positions and shapes that were beyond the traditional art form.” Walls explains. “Watching an artist (Rubin) truly lose herself in her art form was truly a spine-tingling moment and a moment that a photographer can end up waiting many years to experience – if they get to experience it at all“.

ballerine de l'air brad walls

Australian Ballet

He contacted Montana Rubin, a member of the corps de ballet (body of the ballet) within the prestigious Australian Ballet. “Brad’s unique viewpoint also gave me an opportunity to see my art form quite literally from a different perspective.” Rubin expressed.

Brad Walls

Walls was recently awarded First Prize in the Sport category and Runner up in people category at the inaugural 2020 Aerial Photography Awards in Paris, France, and placed as Runner-Up at the Drone Photo Art Awards 2020 in Siena, Italy. The result from his last endeavour is impressive. Enjoy.

ballerine de l'air brad walls