Questions to Ask a Concrete Tilt Panel Construction Contractor

Concrete is the wonder construction ingredient that helps raise the most monumental structures and smallest ones, too. However, it does take a long time to set, and that’s a drawback causing delays in the construction schedules.

But, novel methods have been adopted to hasten construction time. One such is Tilt-Up Panel construction. A concrete tilt panel construction contractor specialises in this construction method and might be the solution for your construction needs.

What to Know About Them

Concrete Tilt Panel Construction Contractors do not follow the same methods of regular, masonry-based contractors. Hence dealing with them will require some questions to be asked that are specific to their specialisation. This is more so if it is all new to you. The answers to those will help you gauge your next move when constructing your dream building.

Is It Applicable?

The tilt-up concrete panel construction method involves creating a section of the structure separately with concrete initially. The piece is then placed where it is supposed to be in the readymade foundation slot. Cranes lift the panel by tilting it up, hence the name.

This construction type is best suited for low-rise buildings and industrial units. The general height of buildings constructed this way is between two to five storeys. If your building falls in this category, it could be a suitable construction method.

Where Is It Made and With What?

The framework for the panel is first laid out flat on the ground. Concrete is poured into it and left to cure, creating the wall panel. This is usually done on-site, which could be a problem if the construction space is a little tight. It could interfere with other work happening.

In that case, the panels will be premade in a factory/another site and brought to yours. Knowing about the factory will be important here. It’s also the trend to go for prefabrication, which does the same thing. The reliable concrete tilt panel construction contractors specify these things at the start. Also, the cement grade must be high, as a lower grade one will compromise structural integrity.

How Long Will It Take?

The duration of construction is a lot shorter for the tilt-up style compared to the masonry type. There isn’t a need to wait for lower-level walls to cure before starting the next floor. It’s also because more machinery is used than manual labour.

Your contractor must size up the construction to be done based on the blueprint prepared and give you an estimated schedule. Doing some homework by asking around about the same elsewhere beforehand will help you set the timeline better. Contractors are known to stretch schedules to get extra money if hourly charges are involved.

What Will It Cost?

Wherever a market is present for tilt-up, it tends to be more economical than traditional masonry construction for the same building. Having a masonry estimate to compare your contractor’s quote will help. Lifetime costs are lower, too, as they are easy to maintain, more secure, and durable. Ensure that your contractor has a history of delivering these to his/her best for the best price.

Concrete Tilt Panel Construction Contractors realise that their market share in the construction industry may rise. Your building can also go up with them, with a bargain on price and an upgrade over everything else.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]