Hollywood Artists’ Portraits in the 30s and 40s, by Unkonown Artist

Hollywood Artists’ Portraits

Marie Wilson, Sari Gabor and Linda Darnell – to name the most prominent – are all American actresses in the thirties and forties. And Hollywood in these eras was at its best. All of these artists have been found in portraits of brown wrapping paper with techniques ranging form colored pencil and chalk, to ink or watercolor. The portraits are, in most of the cases, copies of covers of magazines such as Radio and television mirror, Movieland and even LIFE magazine. The work done to uncover these wonderful portraits is by the Shelter gallery and every portrait is in there.

Matching Portraits with Covers

Most of the recent weeks were spent looking through magazines […], and our work paid off with even more source material discoveries. In the March 1949 issue of Movieland we found two matches, one an advertisement for DeLong bobby pins, the other a small photo from a gossip page, and the only reference we’ve been able to find to a Gaby Andrews.” Shelter explains. In this article original portraits are displayed, as well as the related cover magazine photos when they are available. The result is impressive. Enjoy.