6 Easy Hacks to Reuse Eco-friendly Bags

Everybody knows that plastic materials are harmful to the environment. Aside from the fact that it takes forever to decompose, it often ends up clogging drains and harming unsuspecting animals.

The invention of eco-friendly postage bags and the increased use of cloth and paper bags have significantly helped provide alternative and long-term measures for sustaining Mother Nature. In a nutshell, “green” postage bags are made of compostable materials, making it an effective tool for promoting zero waste. Paper bags are also compostable, while cloth bags are reusable continuously without leaving any harmful effect on the surroundings.

On top of that, there are also several creative ways you can reuse or repurpose these postage bags. From creating beautiful art to reconstructing its original shape to generate another useful material, you will see just how much resources can be saved by making the most out of biodegradable bags.

● Pots

Some cloth bags are made with material that’s perfect for holding plants. Otherwise called planter bags, these containers come in different sizes and are best for growing crops like potatoes. Remember to place the cloth pots in a box, or a sturdier container for added support as the plant grows.

● Artwork

Get your little one involved and transform used paper bags into canvasses for their artwork. Grab your art materials and draw pictures that you can later hang on your wall as additional décor. Other forms of artwork you can create include scrapbooks or paper sculptures.

● Beautiful lamps

There are different online tutorials available that you can use as a reference for creating safe and beautiful paper lamps and lanterns. Paper lanterns and paper lamps make for an eye-catching decoration inside your room. Depending on the lantern style, it produces various shapes and patterns that both adults and kids will love.

● Household items

Recycling and reusing compostable materials are a great alternative for when you want to save more money. If you have an excess number of eco-bags at home, you can sew these together to create tablecloths, foot rugs, or dusters.

You can also cut out cardboard and paper bags to make coasters. In this manner, you will not have to worry about spending a fortune for a couple of household items.

● Preserve fragile items and created additional storage

Use paper bags from groceries to wrap unused mugs and glass kitchenware. Better yet, why don’t you collect these bags and then weave them later on into sturdy baskets of different sizes? You get additional storage for your office supplies, toiletries, and snack stash.

● Book cover

Whether you are a book lover or have a loved one who finds delight in reading, you can transform cloth bags and paper bags into eye-catching book covers. It adds a personalized touch to an otherwise regular-looking book. The best part is you can embroider your name or the recipient’s name on the cover (if you use a cloth bag) or write a secret message or your favourite motivational quote for inspiration.

Do what you can to save the planet

Switch your plastic bags into eco-friendly postage bags. Reuse plastic containers instead of throwing them away. Practice proper waste management at home and work. Brainstorm more ideas on how you can limit the amount of non-biodegradable waste that you dispose of on a daily or weekly basis. Preserving the earth and caring for nature is everybody’s responsibility.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]