Unique Backyard Design Ideas

With summer in full swing, many of us are spending time outdoors to soak in the rays and warmer temperatures. For those lucky enough to have =an ample backyard space, spending time outdoors can be an everyday occurrence. And, for those who are in the position to redesign or build a new yard from scratch, the options for sitting in your green space can multiply three-fold.

If you’re looking for a few ideas on designing a unique backyard space, read on for some ideas.

Add a Putting Green

For the golf enthusiast, what better way to take advantage of your backyard space than to build an artificial golf turf? Not only would a putting green provide you with endless hours of practice and enjoyment, but it can also increase the value of your home as well. Who knows? That new golf turf may turn an otherwise unused space into the thing that significantly improves your golf handicap!

Create a Meditative Space

If you’re a bit more Zen-minded, creating a calming meditative space in your backyard is also a great idea. Depending on the size, you could populate this area with hammocks, rock gardens, calm outdoor lighting, bamboo structures, as well as Asian-inspired décor and seating areas. While it might be a bit cliché, adding design elements like a stone Buddha or paper lanterns can also go a long way to creating the perfect meditative space.

Build a Tree House

If you live in a forested or heavily-treed area, why now build a treehouse? This doesn’t have to just be for kids, either. A treehouse can provide a tranquil place for reading, playing board games, or just enjoying the sounds of nature. Take advantage of those large trees in your space if you have them. Depending on what you’re aiming for, you could even create a themed treehouse or one that matches the design of your main home.

Install a Fire Pit

Fire pits are significant in both the summer and winter months. People naturally gather around the fire, so having a permanent one in your backyard can provide hours of warmth, allowing you to extend the time you spend outside. There are tons of outdoor fire pit ideas, so play around with variations that best suit your needs.

Develop a Woodland Garden

If you lean more towards a traditional feel, why not design a woodland garden? You could build a stone path leading up to the house through the trees, scattered with English garden-inspired flowers, shrubs, and plants. While you’re at it, you could also add a koi fishpond to complete the picturesque scene. Don’t forget to add décor items like garden gnomes that will make the area feel like a proper woodland area. To enjoy your lovely garden space, you could go rustic with picnic benches, a swing, or wooden rocking chairs, or you could opt for something a bit more luxurious and comfortable such as patio furniture.

The ideas for creating a unique garden space are endless. Have fun building your outdoor space!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]