How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

With lockdown having shown us that another lifestyle is possible – one in which we consume less, pollute less, and act kindly towards the planet – thousands of home owner s are now looking to ways in which they can make their homes more eco-friendly. This ambition, shared by consumers across the world, is something that can be worked away for the remainder of 2020. Here are some tips to help you make your lifestyle and your home greener this year, helping save the environment through your actions.


One of the principal ways in which we all contribute to the climate emergency is through the waste that we produce. Now, it might seem like a difficult task to cut down our waste. After all, the food that we buy, and any goods that we have delivered arrive in packaging. And yet there are plenty of ways that we can reduce our waste, by:

. Trying to buy products that come in only recyclable packaging, or no packaging at all
. Trying to reduce the volume of goods that we buy altogether
. Using and repurposing old items to avoid purchasing new ones
. Working to find ways to reduce the flow of plastics through your home

All of these steps are eminently achievable – you just need to think hard about the waste products that your home produces, and how you can cut them down.


Another of the fundamental cornerstones of a green home is the energy that it uses. Because the energy produced for most homes in the modern world is created by coal, gas, and other fossil fuels, your home cannot be deemed green if it’s using this energy. Instead, you need to look at renewable sources to help your household save the environment.

Happily, this is where solar technology comes in. Cheaper than ever before, and incredibly easy to install on the roof of your home, solar panels are a must-have for eco-conscious homeowners. And even if they seem like a steep one-off expense, you’ll find that installing solar panels San Diego ends up saving you cash on your electricity bills in the long-run.


The last way in which you can truly convert your home into one that has a small effect on the environment is by changing your habits. This might seem like a vague tip, but you’ll be equally aware that there are some aspects to your lifestyle which are unkind to the environment. Think about habits like:

. Taking flights multiple times a year
. Getting in the car when you could really walk or cycle to your destination
. Purchasing many clothes every year, indulging in fast fashion instead of long-term durable clothing
. Leaving litter and trash around the town or city that you live in

These habits are connected to your home and connected to the town or city in which you live – as well as the rest of the world. It’s only by confronting these individual actions that you can help save the planet within your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Use the tips to go green in the second half of 2020.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]