Choosing A New Window Style

Freshening up the home or even turning it on its head and opting for a brand-new style can both be equally as exciting. However, with the latter, there is much more to think about than simply changing a light shade or switching up the color of the rug. From the windows to the walls, there is plenty of sway with any design that will have the power to create a beautiful choice of any aesthetic.


This piece will discuss the different types of windows you can find in the home, and also the pros and cons to each window style.

Bay Windows for the Home

Bay windows are always a sought-after option when it comes to windows because of their beautiful appearance and their outstanding ability to flood rooms with ever cherished daylight. Bay windows traditionally protrude from the side and offer a somewhat shelf like area inside which can be turned into either a seating area, display table, or anything the heart desires!

The most popular pro of a bay window is definitely the ability to light up a home. However, there are also cons to this style of window.

In the warmer months, bay windows may let too much sunlight in, heating up the home beyond what is preferable. It is also more challenging to block light out for the rooms that might require it such as bedrooms or offices!

Heritage Windows for the Home

For those who live in a converted property, or simply love a period look, heritage windows are a fantastic option. These gorgeous windows preserve the property’s charm and style without compromising on security and practicability. With a stunning old-fashioned single glazed look, heritage windows operate like double glazed with draft proofing and can be molded to suit any fitting or shape.

The downside to heritage windows is the upkeep of the timber frames and the like that surround the windows, but sometimes that is the cost of true style!

Casement Windows for the Home

The casement windows reputation prides itself on being one of the most convenient and contemporary of all window types.

The pros of a casement window include versatility, with the option of being hung either at the top or to the side according to preference, and they can be made to fit almost any height and width of mold which is another bonus.

This style of window is also great for ventilation, as the window can be fully opened for a burst of fresh air or can be left on a crack for a trickling breeze.

Cons for casement windows include unaccommodating for storm windows or screens, as these types of windows open outwards. Storm windows or screens will, in most cases, get in the way of the window opening.

There is also a limit of size when it comes to these styles of windows, as the windows open outwards, so the frame has to be able to support the weight.

There are plenty of things to consider when renovating a house, so it is best to research to find out the best options.