What to consider when remodelling your kitchen

Taking the decision to remodel part of your home is an exciting time; taking you one step closer to crafting your dream home. However, each room requires separate considerations to take into account to ensure that you get an attractive, functional room that fits into your family’s lifestyle. Here are some things for you to consider when you are remodelling your kitchen.


Carpeting, parquet, granite slabs, linoleum… it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choice of flooring types available, all with their own sets of pros and cons. However, it is fairly easy to narrow down the list of flooring choices for the kitchen area. This is a high traffic area that is prone to spillages—while you may like the luxurious feel of a soft pile carpet, you might not be as keen when it has accumulated a few stains! Therefore, easy to clean flooring is the number one priority for the kitchen. From stone to vinyl, you will find a hard-wearing yet stylish kitchen flooring to fit your budget.


The layout of your kitchen depends a lot on the building itself, and so, unless you are planning major structural changes to your property, it is difficult to change. The best thing to do is assess the layout of your kitchen, trying to imagine it as a bare room without the fixtures and fittings, and find ways to work with the structure. A kitchen design specialist, such as Dayrooms Kitchens, can help with this if you are struggling to envision what design options are available for you and your kitchen.


With knives, ceramic plates, and heavy pots and pans, the kitchen is possibly the number one place in the home where a safe and orderly storage system is essential. Do you have enough storage space in your current kitchen, or is the lack of such space one of the reasons for remodelling? When you are creating a plan for your kitchen remodel, make sure you build some strategic storage solutions into your new kitchen units. Or, if this is not possible owing to layout and budgeting constraints, there are plenty of DIY storage solutions to help ensure that your new kitchen is a safe and orderly haven.


Don’t underestimate the impact your lifestyle will have on choosing components for your new kitchen. For instance, that built-in wine cooler might be great for parties, but how much are you going to entertain in your busy family life? Do you enjoy spending hours experimenting in the kitchen, or is your cooking style more quick-and-easy? This will have an impact on whether you choose high-end or basic cooking appliances.

Another factor to consider is whether your remodelled kitchen will be a dedicated kitchen area, or if that space will double as a dining room or laundry. If so, you will want to incorporate a washing machine (and perhaps a tumble dryer) into your plans and ensure that there is space for a dining table.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]