Four Garden Décor Ideas

With the winter months being slowly consigned to the past, and warmer days blowing in to relieve us of the chills, it’s time to look back to our gardens. Barren and flowerless for some time, you’ll already be seeing some of the brave buds of spring peek out, bringing color and greenery once more to your garden. But, with summer now only just around the corner, it’s truly time to get serious with your garden makeover this year.

Below, you’ll learn four ways that you can ready your garden for 2020 with great décor ideas.

Water Features

If you’re the sort of person to always admire the water features in the gardens of others, this might be the perfect moment to bring one into your own. The question, of course, is what kind of water feature you’ll import, and how it’ll fit in with your other plants. Be aware that:

Water features can get blocked and clogged with leaves

They can serve as extra water sources for plants and animals

They can flow along the length of your garden

The can collect into a small pond or pool

Be free and creative with your ideas in order to find the right kind of water feature for your garden.


Fences are an important décor feature in gardens, as well as being important for providing that much-needed element of privacy when you’re sunbathing in the summer. By combining the two — practical privacy and décor delights — you’ll be making a savvy investment in your garden, which will last for many seasons to come.

Consider the delightful options for gabion fencing shown here, in order to build up your garden’s aesthetic appeal at the very same time as building your privacy in your own garden.

Planting and Potting

Are you the kind of gardener that likes to have beds overflowing with plants? Do you prefer to have your plants organized smartly in rows of pots, which are easier to prune and take care of, but perhaps lack the natural aura of a bed? Whatever your style, you should certainly consider how you can decorate your garden with new specimens over the course of the next few months. Remember that you can also buy climbing plants, thus making your new fences or walls green and tangled in a romantic, charming fashion.


The world of garden furniture often gets a bad reputation, not least because many of these items are typically produced on the cheap, and won’t last through the winter. But, if you’re to truly enjoy the summer in your garden, you need a little furniture, such as:

A weaved wicker chair to sit on

A little side table for drinks and snacks

A sun parasol to keep you from burning

A barbecue and assorted tables to eat outside

You can find all of these options in your local garden store. Just make sure you’re able to buy items that will go the distance and stay strong years after you’ve made your purchase.

There you have it: four tips to help your garden flourish and take on a life of its own this summer.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]