What Are The Benefits Of Having An Office Dog in Residence?

More and more offices are now adding dogs to their teams. While a number of work spaces are designed to be dog-friendly, very few businesses now have dedicated office dogs. Workers are often invited to bring in their pooches, but the idea of dedicated office dogs seems to have somewhat died out. Whereas, back in the sixties and seventies, almost every office had a dedicated office dog.

The trend of having an office dog has begun to come back, with a number of companies opting to take on dedicated office dogs to act as therapy dogs for their team members, helping to reduce stress, as well as offering a number of other benefits.

Have you been considering adding a dog to your office but are unsure as to whether it would be worthwhile and what responsibilities would be involved?

Check out the guide below to the ins and outs of having an office dog in residence.

What responsibilities would be involved?

Dogs require a lot of love and care, especially younger dogs. If you are thinking about adding a dog to your office, then you might be considering getting a puppy instead of an older dog. While puppies are cute, it’s important to understand that they can be difficult to train, and if you want to ensure that your dog works well as an office dog, you need to take training seriously from the get-go. This will probably mean that there’s a need to pay for some professional training.

It’s also worth thinking about the costs that come with getting a dog – from the cost of appointments at vets Overland Park, for example, to the price of dog food, toys and bedding, there are a number of associated costs that you need to plan for.

You will need to take the dog home. You can’t leave a dog on its own in your office overnight, so you would need to be willing to take the dog home with you. If you love the idea of adding a dog to your family, then this would most likely work well. However, if your family aren’t dog people, then this could cause somewhat of an issue.

What would the benefits be?

Office dogs have been shown to offer a number of benefits, these include:

Increased productivity: One of the most common benefits of adding a dog to your office is increased productivity among team members. By giving your team the opportunity to take a little break from their desks, you can give them the chance to take a step back and refresh their minds. A dog can be the perfect excuse for this – giving your team something to focus on when they take a step back.

Better communication: Another great benefit of having an office dog is an increase in communication. A shared office dog is a great way to encourage your team members to talk to each other and bond better as a result.

An office dog offers a number of benefits for you and your team, and can be a great way to put wellness ahead of work, while boosting productivity within your workplace.