6 Holistic Remedies to these 6 Illnesses

Natural remedies which you can fulfil from home are the best kind when it comes to illnesses. Furthermore, remedies that target your personal circumstances and help your overall wellbeing are more beneficial to your recovery than a standard issue of medication or pain killers.

Here are 6 remedies that could help.

1. A Bowl of Hot Soup for the Common Cold

It may seem a cliché to be advised to have soup when you have a cold, but there’s a great reason for it. The steam issued from the hot soup is very effective in clearing out congestion in your throat and nose. Furthermore, certain soup ingredients like onion and garlic have a lot of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties which can help to shift your symptoms.

2. IV Therapy Treatment for the Flu

If you’re tired of being handed the same over the counter medication for the common cold and flu, a great holistic alternative can be IV therapy. This means you receive a tailored package of ingredients that are unique to you and your circumstances, taking into account your whole wellbeing and the vitamins and nutrients you need to tackle the flu more effectively and hydrate your body more quickly.

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3. Prop Yourself Up to Combat Heartburn

After a heavy meal and drinking, heartburn can be very painful and uncomfortable, and especially when you climb into bed. Lying flat when suffering from heartburn can cause the discomfort to increase.

To tackle this, try to heighten your mattress or the top end of your body when you’re trying to sleep, such as by propping yourself up further with an extra pillow. This allows gravity to work more in your favour and take the pressure off your stomach, meaning your heartburn symptoms can be reduced.

4. Hydrating Food for Constipation

If your regular toilet routine has halted, this can have painful and uncomfortable consequences for your everyday life. Abdominal pain can leave you feeling very out of sorts, and in severe cases, stop you from moving comfortably and from doing activities you would usually enjoy.

To tackle constipation in the best, natural way, you need to ensure that your diet is filled with the right food intake to encourage healthy bowel movements. Proper hydration, fruit, and vegetables are essential to avoid constipation, and foods high in fibre are great for natural body flow.

5. Salt Water for a Sore Throat

A cough and congested throat can easily be shifted by gargling salt water. This can help to alleviate soreness and to wash away bacteria build-up, helping you to recover more quickly. If you’re not keen on salt water, then you can still gargle with normal water.

6. Consume Ginger for Nausea

Ginger has been known to have a host of benefits that help to settle the stomach. Originally, ginger-root was very popular with sailors in order to combat seasickness. Doctors may recommend ginger for helping with morning sickness, and due to ginger having a natural ability to help the digestive process, it can greatly help to ease any stomach troubles.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]