Seven Ways to Make Your Home Unique

Your home should be an expression of yourself and your family, and a safe place that manages to feel yours completely. However, if all you do is follow the latest trends and tricks in interior design magazines, then you are likely to end up with a house that looks the same as everybody else’s, however nice they may be.

Here are some top tips for making your house as unique as possible.

Hire a Landscape Gardener

Does your garden currently look like a jungle? If this is the case, investing in a landscape gardener is one of the best ways to transform your garden from an uncultivated mess into your vision of how you want your garden to look.

Not only can landscape gardeners help to cater your garden towards your personal ideals, but they can help to make your dream garden stand out from the others in your neighbourhood through their customised garden plans.

At Greater Brisbane Gardens, they can help you to create a unique and imaginative garden from scratch using their professional expertise.

Personalise Your Décor

Scrap minimalism and decide to opt for a more personalised approach if you are aiming for a unique home that offsets facets of your life and personality. For instance, rather than choosing to display objects that have little meaning to you, you should opt for ornaments and displays that showcase mementos of your travels and life experience, as well as objects that are important to you.

Go Vintage

If you are bored with the furniture that you can buy in your local furniture store, why not consider opting for vintage pieces and fabrics? Whether you want to install vintage wood cabinets or create furniture and custom soft furnishings from vintage materials, going vintage will not only allow you to protect the environment, but will also ensure that your home décor includes style and patterns which you cannot easily get from chain stores.

Add Artwork and Pictures

Another great way to get your house to showcase who you are is to add artwork and pictures that you love, and those that not every home will have. Even better, you should pin up your own artwork creations or that of your children, and you can display kid’s artwork well through frames and cork boards around the house.

Find Interesting Display Techniques

However, being unique does not always have to mean extravagance and you can make your home look unusual with what you already have by finding interesting display techniques for the items that you own.

For instance, you could find interesting storage mechanisms like ceiling storage, or hang plants from the ceiling to give your room depth.

Create Custom Furniture

You can even make your home more unique by creating custom furniture, such as making DIY pieces from old furniture, changing their appearance and style, for instance, creating shabby chic themed pieces, or using different fabrics to jazz up old tables and dressers.

Ignore Current Trends

Although current trends can make your home look stylish, they will also make your home look like everyone else’s. Instead of following the trends in magazines, shops and journals, opt instead to create your own home design from the vision that you have for your home, or change the current trends slightly to match your own ideas for a more personalised effect.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]