5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

Although you may feel like your bedroom may take a back seat in terms of the living space you spend the most time in – compared to your living room or kitchen, for instance – this doesn’t mean that it’s a space which should be neglected. Optimizing your bedroom to offer a cozy retreat and installing ways to get the best night’s sleep that you can is essential for your overall wellbeing – as well as being a huge interior design asset.

Here are five ways to make your bedroom a place of paradise.

1. Invest in High-Quality Bedding

The perfect bed isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why so many different mattresses and frame styles exist. The perfect bed is one area you shouldn’t compromise on to always get a comfortable night’s sleep. Always stretch your budget if you can to installing the right bed features for you. This should be the correct firmness of mattress for your needs and wants, a preference in the frame to make you feel more relaxed – fabric frames with high headboards, for example, can feel warmer and inviting than cold metal bedframes – and you can make additional touches like goose down pillows from www.hamvay-lang.com.

Dressing your bed in layered, heavy fabrics and scatter pillows can also add a touch of luxury and warmth.

2. Use Softer Lighting

When you retreat to your bedroom, you don’t want to be exposed to harsh and cold lighting. Your bedroom lighting should always be warm and soft and encourage a more natural sleep pattern. This can be done using more low-wattage overhead bulbs, but is best done using warm-toned lamps placed around the room – or even candles to make the room feel more aglow.

3. Use Thick Fabrics

Fabrics scream luxury – and the thicker and more high quality, the better. Use as much fabric around the room as you can to give the impression of a softer, warmer room. Thick curtains dressing the windows are a must, and you can add fabric accents around the room, such as an armchair, dressing table seat, or using cushions on the bed.

Warm canvases as wall art may also be preferable to colder framing such as metal or wood.

4. Install Carpet or Rugs

Feeling something soft and warm under your bare feet when you move to your bedroom for the night can help to relax you, as well as feeling a little more glamorous compared to cold floorboards. If you don’t have the means to install thick carpet everywhere, then a large area rug will still do the trick.

5. Use the Right Color Scheme

Everybody’s tastes are different when it comes to decorating their bedroom. Most people venture that blue is an ideal color to paint a bedroom, as it is a softer, gentler color that can better help for drifting off to sleep. However, if blue isn’t to your taste, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a luxury color finish to your bedroom.

Consider using a more expensive wallpaper for a feature wall, to give your bedroom that extra touch.