5 Great Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Unlike the big giants who have endless pots of cash to spend on their marketing, small businesses are having to think of new ways to spread brand awareness on a limited budget. If you run a small company, there are tons of marketing strategies that you can implement in your business to help attract new customers and clients. To get started, here are five great marketing tips to help your business grow.

Create Social Media Accounts

Unlike in the past where businesses would have to go out in person to market their brand or fight for advertising space in the newspaper, many companies are turning towards social media to market and promote their products and services. When you take into account that billions of people from across the globe have a Facebook account, it’s a no-brainer to set up your own business page as a way to engage with customers.


If you aren’t already using SEO for your business website, it’s likely that you won’t be appearing on the first page of search results. Search engine optimization can boost your ranking, meaning that customers and clients are more likely to check out your page over others, especially if your website is the first one they see. To use SEO effectively, make sure to use keywords throughout your page that are relevant to your brand.

Invest in Merchandise

If you have a business that customers attend, creating a great first impression can be a big help. Whether it’s by creating personalized pens, notebooks or leaflets that customers can take away, or investing in t-shirt printing to make great uniforms for your business, letting customers know who you are from the moment they walk through the door can be a great marketing tool.

Use Email Marketing

If you have a new product or service that you want to share with the world, it’s important that you understand what email marketing is and how to use it effectively. On your business website, you should give customers the option to sign up to your newsletter, which can keep them in the know on the latest developments in your company, however, there is a fine line between keeping your target demographic updated and sending spam, so make sure not to bombard them with email after email.

Create a Blog

While a professional business website can be a great start, you may want to consider creating your own blog too. Many companies are setting up their own blogs to engage with their consumers on a personal level. There are lots of other benefits that a blog can do for your business, such as boosting search engine optimization, developing relationships with your existing customer base, as well as providing value for your readers.

The more people who are aware of your products and services, the better. Whether you’re about to launch a startup or you already have an established business, there are lots of effective marketing strategies that you can use to build a presence and grow your company.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]