Sensual Collages by Katrien de Blauwer, Exhibited in the Netherlands Fotomuseum Museum

Katrien de Blauwer is a Belgian photographer “without a camera” as she explains. She studied at Ghent School of Arts and currently lives in Antwerp. She primarily looks for recycled pictures and photos from old magazines and papers. Her work is to assemble an image from the items collected by creating a collage. Although every piece already exists (older photographs or published magazines) de Blauwer integrates them into her own interior world.

It tells me a lot about myself,” she explains. “The images I make confront me with what’s playing in the back of my head; I see a lot of recurring themes and they act as a mirror of my soul“. A new exhibition Attack is currently on show at the Nederlands Fotomuseum that will run until the 9th of February. In this article her overall work is presented. Enjoy.