‘Surrealists Rendered in Play-Doh’, an Exhibition that Runs in London by Eleanor Macnair

Jacques-Andre Boiffard

Eleanor Macnair is a British artist currently based in London. The series presented here is a re-creation of surrealist artists of the twenties photographs’ using play-doh. Artists like Paul Eluard, Salvador Dali or Yves Tanguy are represented in a completely different way. The exhibition will commence on the 22nd of November and will run until the 12th of January at Elephant West.

Paul Eluard

The idea behind her Macnair’s ‘amateur‘, artistic tool initated by an invitaion to a photo pub quiz run by artist MacDonaldStrand in Brighton in the summer of 2013. A round of the actual quiz was to re-create old photographs by using play-doh. From then one Macnair started using this skill, initially by blogging her creations and apparently sharing her work to several exhibitions.

Salvador Dali

As she stated “I am not an artist and gave up art at school when I was 14. Each photograph I re-make in Play-Doh takes a few hours.” and this even more valuable. “I have a simple, naïve love of photography and I hope this is reflected in this series.“, Macnair explains. “It’s my strange tribute to photography“. This is obvious. The images presented here are courtesy of the artist and the gallery. Enjoy.

Marie-Berthe Aurenche

Yves Tanguy

Paul Nougé

André Breton

Suzanne Muzard

Louis Aragon