Reading in Color, an Exhibition in New York by Mary Ellen Bartley

Mary Ellen Bartley is a photographer born in New York. She has a BFA degree from Purchase College, SUNY and currently is based in Sag Harbor, NY. Mary Ellen predominately examines printed material and identifies how a book can be significant in the digital era. Primarily, she isolates parts of a book and displays it through her photographs. By photographing a book, Bartley explores other forms of its use as currently the printed form of reading diminishes year after year.

Her latest work, Reading in Color, is exhibited at the Yancey Richardson Gallery. “Known for her exploration of the tactile and formal qualities of printed books, the photographs in the exhibition showcase colorful arrangements made from the dyed fore-edges of mass market ‘pulp’ paperbacks.” the Gallery suggests. “Untethered from their titles and the stories within, these still life compositions quietly oscillate between abstraction, sculptural assemblage and color studies“. The exhibition was started on the 24th of October and will run up to the 7th of December. Enjoy.