I Am Unique‘, a Contemporary Art Installation by Maria Louiza Biri

Maria Louiza Biri is based in Athens, Greece, holding a bachelors degree in Visual Arts and a masters in Interior Design. Maria Louiza, currently, balances her effort between art, architecture and design. She uses – predominantly – two roles while working: one being the artist, the other one the interior designer.

She states about her work that “I prefer to explore life and various forms from different perspectives. What lead me to art is life itself and its connection with the cosmos. I believe that making art is an experience.“. Moreover, describes that “[…] My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience mostly through science, dance and music“.

The installation ‘I am unique‘ had the lollipop as the main element. There are two distinct reasons for selecting it for this installation. Maria Louisa explains that “[…] I chose lollipops for my installation is because first of all, they are very popular candies and are addressed to children. Children are the first that imitate behaviours in order to be socially accepted. The lollipop as an image belongs to the pop culture. Pop culture expresses the massiveness and it is heavily influenced by mass media.

In addition, “[…] the fact that lollipop is a candy it makes it desirable and when something is forbidden it becomes more desirable. There is the belief that as human beings we want what we cannot have. The x that is created by the black tape generates this illusion“. The installation has concluded, unfortunately, however we are wating eagerly for Maria Louiza’s next steps. Enjoy.