6 Ways to Accessorize with Style

Accessories act as a finishing touch to any amazing outfit that you choose to wear. Without them, your ensemble simply isn’t complete. Unfortunately, accessorizing with style is not something that comes naturally to everyone. After all, it is about more than simply throwing on a colorful scarf or selecting a random bracelet from your jewelry box. Here are some tips for making a statement with your outfit as well as your accessories.


You can’t go wrong by matching your hats and beanies with the color of your coat. If this isn’t possible, the next best thing is to match them to your hair color. Further emphasize your hat or beanie this way by wearing a belt or a pair of boots in a similar hue and keeping the rest of your outfit simple.


Fire engine red cashmere gloves, like the ones that you would find at the State Cashmere online shop, are all the rage right now. The brighter the better, and the perfect way to cut through the gray wintry landscape with a touch of color. Leather gloves are also incredibly trendy at the moment but obviously come with a much higher price tag.


Back in the day, it was important to ensure that every piece of jewelry you chose to wear at any given time matched perfectly. Nowadays, it is all about creating contrast. Fashionistas recommend ‘metal mixing’, which is essentially selecting a metal as your base and then introducing one or two contrasting metals to help offset the look.

Necklaces: Long necklaces are chic right now and have been for a while. This is great news as they are really easy to wear and look incredible when worn throughout the seasons. These necklaces work well with flowing summer dresses, as well as with layered fall looks. Plus, they help to elongate your silhouette, making you look slimmer without needing to head to the gym every day.

Earrings: Looking to take a lovely outfit from daytime to nighttime? A pair of large-sized earrings may be all that you need to do just that. Add a bit of sparkle for some festive cheer.


It can be more challenging to accessorize during the colder months of the year, mainly because your body is covered up for the most part. That, however, definitely isn’t an excuse to neglect to accessorize whatsoever! If you can’t seem to find any jewelry that works and you are sick of wearing the same scarf day in and day out, let your handbag do all the talking. If the rest of your winter wardrobe is muted and minimal, a super bright, eye-catching handbag can be the statement piece to really make your outfit stand out. Color isn’t necessary, though. You can create the same effect by opting for a bag with intricate detailing.

Accessorizing need not be the complicated affair that you expect. Follow your fashion intuition and you will be sure to look your best, come rain or shine. Don’t forget to update your favorite accessories every few years to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest trends.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]