Using Vintage Pieces in Unexpected Ways

Whether your home is draped in modern or traditional décor, it is possible to incorporate vintage pieces into the design for that something ‘extra.’ However, while vintage furniture used the classic way is an easy way to transform an interior, an even more creative way to do so is using those vintage pieces in unusual and unexpected ways. You will find a few examples below.

Vintage cabinet

If it is made out of a water-resistant wood, such as teak, there is a wonderful use for a vintage cabinet in a contemporary bathroom – use it as a bathroom vanity! Not only will it look gorgeous, but it will also provide you with maximum storage space. Install marble or granite tops above it for the perfect mix of mid-century and modern. Another option is to utilize the vintage cabinet in your kitchen. It can form an additional work-space, or be placed beneath a modernized basin.

Vintage jewelry

While it is certainly tempting to wear vintage jewelry, like the incredible pieces from, this type of jewelry can do so much for your home instead. Place your favorite pieces in antique-inspired frames, and create a feature wall in your living or dining room. If you are an antique jewelry collector, you can continue adding to your feature wall as you add to your collection. This beautiful aspect of your interior is certain to become the biggest talking point among guests and one of your proudest DIY projects!

Vintage wardrobe

DIY definitely isn’t recommended with this one, and it may cost quite a bit, but the end result is sure to be incredible! Use a classic vintage wardrobe – one of those really tall, wooden ones – as a replacement for your refrigerator! It is sure to fit in seamlessly with most kitchen set-ups and lay-outs and will add plenty of interest to the room.

Vintage stool

A vintage footstool or barstool can work great when used as a side table in the bedroom or in the living room. It probably won’t be able to hold much, but it will certainly look fancy!

Vintage lamps

You can create visually impressive displays using vintage lamps and lights of all sizes. For example, fix the lamp onto an extended arm before placing it on the wall so that it extends into your living space for everyone to see.

Vintage basin

While it may need a bit of refurbishing, a vintage basin can be transformed into a stunning piece for your bathroom or kitchen, especially if placed on top of a more modern-looking cabinet.

In almost all instances, vintage pieces stand out more when surrounded by contemporary furniture. When styling your interior, don’t spend time trying to find vintage items for everything. Instead, search for beautiful pieces that you can use as subtle accents throughout your home. If you make an effort to invest only in antique pieces that you adore the moment you lay your eyes on them, you simply cannot go wrong!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]