How to Mix Traditional and Contemporary Interior Decorating

Since the speed of changing trends can become a blur of confusion and impossible to keep up with, it’s no surprise that many people are focusing more on what they like rather than what is currently popular in stores. A great way of narrowing down your personal style and taste is cherry picking from time periods and eras of artistic influence. Don’t be pigeon-holed by a few strict decades of style; blend your influences, and show off your flair. Here are a few things to keep in mind when merging traditional and contemporary design in your home.

Know Your Style

Some people just know what their preferences are, while others need time to fine-tune their personal tastes. Either way, knowing what you like and what you don’t like will be a huge help in making decisions for your interior design. Keep an eye out for patterns such as a recurrence of Rococo touches or Art Deco details here and there. Define what you like most and use this knowledge to guide your search for more pieces to fill your home. By the very fact that you live in the present time means that your furniture and decorative choices will have an innate sense of the contemporary, unless you are a rigorous antique buyer – in which case your balance of contemporary and traditional is probably weighted towards the latter.

Know Your Heritage

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the vast history of art and interior design styles, then a good place to start is your family tree. Did your grandparents come from Wales? Decorate your walls with a wooden love spoon from Angel Woodcraft. Have you got some Italian blood in you? Find elements from your family’s country of origin and use it as inspiration to kick off your decorating. Every culture has a rich visual history, and tapping into yours will help to blend the traditional with the contemporary.

Know Your Boundaries

Linked to the above point, knowing what you don’t want to include in your decorating is just as important. Avoid using heavy inspiration from a culture you know nothing about as this can lead to mistakes such as Buddha statues, which are popular in many Western homes despite most people being unaware of their deeper significance. Of course, you are in charge of your own home, but being respectful of other cultures is part of being a considerate person. This shouldn’t limit your creativity and imagination when interior decorating.

Know Your Purpose

Are you someone who loves getting lost in a book? Adores playing video games? Spends most of their time in the yard? Whatever it is you enjoy doing most while relaxing at home, try to incorporate this into your space. Reading has been a popular hobby for centuries, so creating a relatively modern reading nook with contemporary inspiration will create visual interest. Similarly, a Victorian-inspired gaming room will look just as intriguing. Focus on what you do most in your home and tailor your design choices around that.