Creating a Modern Maximalist Home: A Guide

Maximalism is the inevitable reaction to the uncluttered, minimalist home décor style of ‘less is more.’ The philosophy behind maximalism is to create a unique and cozy living space which reflects both your personality and interests.

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How can you achieve a modern maximalist design without making the room look messy and disorganized?

Begin with a basic color palette

When creating a modern maximalist room, you should not throw things together haphazardly. Think of your walls, ceiling, and floors as your canvas. Whether you decide on vibrant orange walls or choose an opulent richly-colored carpet, this will act as your primary colour palette. You then create a unique look by adding layers to this base in the same way that an artist creates a picture by successive applications of paint.

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If you opt for an accent wall in a contrasting color, this could be filled with pieces of artwork or photos. Unlike other home décor styles, maximalism means that these pictures do not have to have matching frames nor to be the same size. However, there should be uniform spacing between the pictures to create a sense of order.

The juxtaposition of styles and objects

Maximalism is all about contrasting different lines, shapes, materials, colors, patterns, and fabrics. You no longer need to decide on one particular style. From retro to antique to Miami modern furniture, there is a place for everything in a maximalist room.

Despite this philosophy of ‘everything goes,’ there must be a unifying theme to prevent the room from looking messy. This could be a color or a pattern, but it should work by drawing your eye naturally from one piece to the next to create a unified whole. Each part of the room should balance monochromes and patterns to prevent it from being overpowering.

Showcasing your possessions

In direct contrast to minimalism where all belongings are stored in cupboards and closets, a maximalist room has all your possessions in clear view for all to see and admire. Not only do they act as a conversation piece for your guests, but they personalize the room, so it reflects who you really are.

Whether you are an avid reader or a collector of glass, ceramics, china or knick-knacks, take some time to think about how to organize your books and/or collectibles. Doing so will prevent the room from looking messy and cluttered. Bookcases, shelves, cabinets, side/coffee tables, and even the mantelpiece or a bar cart are some places to arrange your favorite possessions.

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You do not necessarily have to keep all the books on one shelf and all trinkets together on another, either. Maximalism gives you the freedom to experiment and mix different lines, sizes, and materials to make your displays look more eye-catching.

Modern maximalist home design might not be to everyone’s tastes, but it can make your home a warm and welcoming place to return to after a stressful day. Surrounded by your favorite possessions, you can fully embrace the Scandinavian philosophy of hygge – a feeling of contentment and personal well-being.