Business Trends to Watch in 2019

From marketing to new technologies, the big business trends of 2019 look set to have a long-lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape. Evolving consumer tastes and demographics, as well as a changing global awareness, means that businesses are having to race to keep up with what consumers, suppliers, and even employees are looking for in the digital age. These trends show no sign of slowing down, and if you want your business to make more of an impact in 2019 and beyond, then you need to start evaluating your own uses and responses to these vital trends. If your business is struggling with growth or profit generation, it could be that you have missed out on some of the most exciting business trends of the modern age.

Generation Z

This year saw those born after 1997 explode into the workplace. Now, millennials will no longer make up the bulk of new employees. Generation Z will now be working alongside their older team members, and that means that for the first time we will see as many as five generations working alongside one another. Both Gen Z and the Millennial demographic have different priorities when it comes to working preferences, material possessions, and the traditional 9-5. Restructuring your business so that it makes space for remote workers or for more robust staff development programs is the key to taking advantage of this re-energizing of the job market.

Industry Disruption

This is a key phrase that has been used more and more as new companies use a new way of thinking to provide a more specialized consumer service. Consider how Netflix and Uber have disrupted both local and global business models. All sectors will have their own disruption trends, with manufacturing firms particularly well-placed to take advantage. With less reliance on PCB subscription services, companies like Altium are offering an alternative to costly printed circuit board software packages, and manufacturers are not being slow to adopt this new way of gaining greater design freedom and ownership.

Modern Marketing

Investing in marketing is essential for every business model, but changing trends and digital opportunities have transformed the marketing sector. There are some key marketing opportunities that companies of all sizes should be researching and implementing, including:

  ●   Programmatic Advertising

  ●   Chatbots

  ●   Personalization

  ●   Video marketing

  ●   Influencers

  ●   Voice Search

Integrate these marketing technologies and trends into your outreach,and you will be able to reduce costs, improve your conversion rates, and reduce your overall costs. Make sure that you know how to adapt your content and website back-end for improved SEO via voice search, and that you understand the pros and cons of each new marketing trend. Consistently, the most vital component of your marketing strategy should be providing value to your audience, and failing to do so means that you will be one step behind what consumers are looking for.

Trends come and go, but these elements of business management are set to continue having a major impact on the business landscape well beyond the present. If you want your business to survive long into the future, then knowing how these trends affect your brand is vital.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]