Campo Loft, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a hot destination during summer. However, apart from the commercial areas of the island, there are still rural parts of it not fully developed. This is the point where a 100-year-old abandoned warehouse was located. After a full refurbishment the warehouse became a contemporary, fully functional loft. Responsible for this renovation was the Nieuw studio, originally from the Netherlands and the Ibiza Interiors, having as saying “If you can dream it, you can make it”.

The Nieuw describe about the office that “[we] focus on designing and developing concepts for retail, hospitality and commercial spaces. With a strong background in international hotel and branding we know how to work for bigger and smaller clients, locally or abroad. We strive to work for clients just as ambitious as we are to make a change in their game!“.

Before commencing the renovation, the 80 square metre warehouse was poorly maintained. Although the interiors were fully refurbished, the character of the traditional Ibiza architecture was preserved through the outdoor face of the building. The result is impressive.