Glass House in Dublin by Foreign Bear Studio

The house resides under the Glasnevin area of Dublin, near River Tolka. The renovation was completed by Foreign Bear Studio. A Studio “With backgrounds encompassing a Phd in experimental cinema & two Masters Degrees in Scenography from Central St.Martins College of Art & Design, with a previous life in sculpture and Fine Art painting the husband and wife duo behind Foreign Bear Studio, Phil MacMahon & Genevieve McGill, have built upon their practice from a most unconventional route“.

Formerly, the house was comprised by four separate flats. “The house needed to have a sense of character and depth reinstated through the design process. Ideas began to percolate of how to ensure each corner was considered and attended to” explained the studio. The house is fully renovated having a kitchen, bathroom, and guest bedroom for it’s new owners – a couple with a young son. Enjoy.