Fresh Meat, Identifying Self-Portraits by SHSadler

SHSadleris an artistic collaboration between Julia SH and Nic Sadler. Julia is originally from Stockholm, currently living in Los Angeles. She has studied theatre in Sweden, also having a BA in Fine Art in Central Saint Martin’s College and an MFA in Fine Arts in Slade School. Nic was born in the UK having a Linguistics degree from Curtin University in Perth. Nic started his career in London, but currently also lives and works in Los Angeles.

The collaboration was created in 2012 and as they explain “Drawing form a diverse range of skills and influences, our work primarily, though not exclusively explores the sculptural form of the nude.“. In the current project they try to identify the human aspect of the obsession of selfies of recent years. “The images we take of ourselves have gone from less than 20 a year to sometimes thousands a month, in some cases” they describe. “Out of a desire to subvert current beauty standards in photography and confront the de-humanisation that it has created“.

The project was very difficult to shoot and the process was challenging, however “no models were harmed in the process and we all had a nice lunch together afterwards”. The result is impressive. Enjoy.