Female Figures by Natasha Law

Natasha Law is an English artist born in 1970 and the sister of Jude Law. Law uses several techniques to paint and several mediums to illustrate her paintings. However, her distinctive aspect is the line. She uses lines to depict female figures. “Often in an act of discarding clothing, her works beguilingly capture ephemeral moments of both vulnerability and intimacy” Eleven, the gallery that has exhibited her work several times, suggests.

She works for a wide range of clients most distinct being Vogue, Tiffany & Co and Mulberry. She exhibits in London, Hong Kong and New York. Notable exhibition were Put It On Paper, Eleven, London (2014); Dust in Their Eyes, Eleven, London (2012); Close/Closer, Eleven, London (2010); I Put My Finger on Your, Paul Smith Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2009); and Romanticism Interrupted, The Viewing Room, Mumbai, India (2008). Enjoy.