IT’S SHOWTIME, by Michelle Jader on Robert Lange Studios


Michelle Jader on Robert Lange Studios

The exhibition, IT’S SHOWTIME, will be featured by Robert Lange Studios this August showing work of Michelle Jader. This is the second article after UNTAMED hosted by this gallery. Jader approached her life as a professional artist a little differently than most. While she grew up with a sincere love for art, she parlayed her undergraduate degree into a role as product marketer in the business world.


Michelle Jader Evolution

Michelle owned a consulting company for nearly 10 years and worked with graphic designers and other professional artists. Together, they devised marketing campaigns to help companies launch new products. The truth was, she loved being a marketing consultant and working with Fortune 500 companies. She enjoyed the challenges and the rewards of the business world. However, she especially enjoyed working with those talented and creative artists.


As her career progressed, she secretly and increasingly imagined a life where she could spend her time creating art that wasn’t subject to unanimous team approval or validated by the number of units moved. Moreover, she wanted to create her own art. In the summer of 2007, when the urge to be a professional artist was too strong, she took the leap and enrolled in the Academy of Art University’s graduate. She continued to consult while going to school and earned her MFA in Fine Art Painting in 2011.


My objective for this body of work is to capture the kaleidoscope of experiences, feelings and emotions you might encounter at a show, carnival or amusement park,” Jader says for the exhibition. “The carnival is an invitation for us to embrace the world with a childlike sensibility of possibility and daring. The lights, the movement, the sounds and smells take you out of your head and you begin to play with your fears and inhibitions. When you step through the gate or behind the curtain, you literally become a part of the show,” Jader explains. The result is impressive. Enjoy.