Surreal Photographs of London’s East End by Chris Dorley-Brown

Chris Dorley-Brown is a photographer and filmmaker based in East London for almost 40 years. He has published and exhibited widely and his work is held in public collections of the Wellcome Trust, Museum of London, BBC Archives, London Borough of Hackney Archives and Tower Hamlets Archives. His latest endeavour was to sharpen corners of East London by combining shots taken in a course of an hour.

I am interested in challenging the dictum of Henri Cartier-Bresson, who defined documentary photography as being about a decisive moment,” Dorley-Brown explained.”I wanted to put several decisive moments in a photograph“. He captured about 100 pictures for each set. Although he used Photoshop he did not altered anything, instead he just picked few people from the photographs to present them in the aggregate image.

East London for me has always retained some kinf edge; there is polarity there, opposing forces which makes life interesting.” he said. The result is impressive. Enjoy.