Maison de Maître Renovation by Mamout and AUXAU, Brusselles, Belgium

The house is located in Ixelles, an area South of Brusselles city centre. The idea behind this renovation was to remain the facet of this wonderful Maison de Maître but to modernise the interiors of the house. Originally, levels in Brusselles houses do not connect one another. Rooms on the street are mostly occupied by the family of the house while backyard rooms are dedicated to the service.

On the street side, the rooms are perfectly restored in their original state, by the conservation of their volume and the rehabilitation of their decoration.” the architect suggested. The new aspect for this house was a new staircase that connects the 2nd and the third level within the house. “The central parts are dematerialized and transformed into a large staircase. This intervention is inspired by Belgian architect Victor Horta, which, a century ago, upsets the plan of the typical Brussels house by implanting the staircase in the centre of the house […]“. The result is impressive. Enjoy.