Zeuxis, Amélie du Chalard’s Gallery

Zeuxis is a contemporary art gallery. Amélie du Chalard is the owner of the gallery trying to bring together a specialized selection of contemporary artists, painters, sculptors and photographers. Currently more than sixty artists and designers are represented by the gallery. “Despite the diversity of the worlds of the 50 artists present and used mediums (sculpture, painting, video, etchings, drawings, etc.), there is a certain uniformity in the selection presented.” Amélie suggests in a recent interview.

Zeuxis (Ζεῦξις) was a Greek painter that flourished during the 5th century BC. The connection between Zeuxis and the gallery is the diversity. The artist was innovative for his era, his painting were known for their realism, small scale, novel subject matter, and his work had an independent format. The gallery provides a different proposal that gives a new breath to the traditional galleries by providing the digital gallery. Two Art Rooms are also available by appointment in London and Paris. Very interesting idea. Enjoy.