Renovated Mid-Century Hillside Home, Los Angeles, California


ras-a studio Responsible for the Restoration

A renovated mid-century house resides under the Shakespeare Bridge in Los Angeles. The studio responsible for this renovation was ras-a,inc. “We are a boutique design & build studio serving Greater Los Angeles and beyond.” the studio explains. “Our objective is to create built environments for our clients that enhance their quality of living […]“.


Renovated Mid-Century House in Los Angeles

The House under a bridge is in a steep hill, providing wonderful views for its audience. The restored parts of the house were originally suffered. The office tried to restore the whole building and did it in a wonderfully way. In fact, the installation provides natural light on the living room, letting the house be part of the hill itself. The owner enjoys both the light and the restored amenities of the house.


We really wanted to view the architecture of the bridge from the house, so we replaced a solid wall between the shifting roof planes with a clerestory window.” explains the architect. The studio created another room for the house, as initially the house was smaller. “[We] extend the lower level underneath the upper level and accommodate a new laundry room and guest bath“. As a result the, renovated mid-century house is much more comfortable to live in. The result is impressive. Enjoy.