The Observer, by Evelyn Bencicova


Evelyn Bencicova is an art photographer born in Slovakia. She has studied art and new media in University of Applied Arts in Vienna and currently lives in Berlin.


My first contact with the medium was while I was doing modelling jobs back in the days. I was intrigued by the creative process of transforming ideas into reality and bringing visions to life, although I could not yet define my exact role in it.” Evelyn Bencicova explained in a recent interview. “The breakthrough came after I underwent eye surgery at the age of 18. […] Only afterwards I understood what it means to see the world in real detail“.


Her work has been featured in several influential media such as Vogue Korea, ELLE and Dazed & Confused. She has won the Hasselblad Masters and Broncolor GenNext awards in 2016 being just 24 years old. She is an artist that we are going to follow her for some time. Enjoy.