Ballantyne Street Renovated Bungalow, Melbourne, Australia

A family of five asked Foomann Architects to refurbish a building in Melbourne in order to maximise the sustainability of the house. Foomann Architects is Jo Foong and Jamie Sormann and is an office founded in 2008. As they “immerse ourselves in the project and our client’s vision to work towards unexpected outcomes that feel natural“, the challenge from the client was accomplished fully.

As the client needed to accommodate a relatively large family individual areas were necessary. At the same time, in the separated areas are perfectly connected through living spaces and this was an achievement for the architects. As far as cost was concerned “Materials were selected to minimise embodied energy over their life cycle, they are eco-certified, low maintenance, textural, durable and with thermal mass,” said the architects. “These principals were largely compatible with managing construction cost“. The result is impressive. Enjoy.