Renovated Appartment, Lyon Presqu’île, France

Lyon Presqu’île, France

Lyon is one of the major French cities. Two rivers, Rhône and Saône, run through Lyon. Lyon Presqu’île, the peninsula, is the land enclosed by the two rivers. It is in the centre of the city and is the cultural and commercial heart of Lyon. In fact, UNESCO announced the area as a World Heritage Site in 1999.

The apartment resides in the main area. Marion Lanoe refurbished the apartment with a great sense of aesthetics. Lanoe has an architectural office in Lyon and tries, exceptionally well, “[…] to shape your places of life or work, both aesthetically as well as technically and practically by putting at your service my skills both artistic and technical“.

Renovated apartment

The apartment was old and needed a full renovation. Apart from refining the existing structure of the house, several areas of the house needed to be refurbished The living room and the kitchen, although in the same area, can be separated through a sliding door. The floor, damaged a lot due to the heavy use, it was fully restored using specific woods. Using wood instead of plastic is far more neutral. Moreover, by using wood several items of the furniture can math far better. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

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