Chez Marie et Gilles, Wonderful House at 11th District of Paris


Marie Montaud is the creator jewels brand Médecine Douce. Her husband Gilles Ballard and herself transformed a warehouse. In fact, the renovated warehouse resides in the 11th District of Paris to a warm home. “Succeed in giving life to a place without history, to succeed in shaping a warm family nest in an empty space of all past […]” Marie explains.


The place is 200 sq.m. that needed a full restoration. In addition, the ideas to renovate the warehouse were Marie’s and Gilles’. However, these idea had to be implemented somehow. Guillaume Terver and Christophe Delcourt, and architectural office of Paris was the actual liaison between the ideas and the reality. Raw and yet very refined, the converted renovated warehouse accommodates the family of Marie’s and Gilles’. The result is impressive. Enjoy.