C for Cuba C for Colour by Salvador Cueva

Salvador Cueva is a photographer from Monterrey, Mexico. His surname start with letter C for both Cuba and Colour. When he first went to Cuba colour drew his attention. “When I went to Cuba I did not expect to find something specific, I just wanted to go to the city to take pictures. Whilst there, what caught my attention the most were the colours, even more than the old cars, the explosion of colour was in every street and in the clothes of the Cubans.” he explains.

However, apart from colours that are evident at the photographs, cuban architecture is also depicted. “We have already seen so many photos of Cuba, so I did not want to portray the same thing, that is why I wanted to focus on something different, the architecture alone attracts attention but the colours were what caught me“. The result is cuban colourful architecture. Enjoy.